The National Service Scheme celebrates the virtues of selfless devotion towards the community and the virtue of giving. The college has a vibrant N.S.S. organization that carries out activities throughout the year.  . It is sponsored by the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs. The activities are organized at the college and community level under the guidance of a Teacher Coordinator. A voluntary body of students interested in the well-being of the society, the college campus has over 200 students registered with the NSS who enthusiastically participate in and conduct workshops on diverse topics. Blood Donation Camps, events such as “Save the Girl Child”, awareness programs on female feticide, rally against usage of drugs, eye-test camps, personality development programs, donation camps/charity programs for underprivileged, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan program, National Voter’s day are some of the events organized by the NSS over the years. They have also enthusiastically volunteered to counsel the fresher’s going through the admission process and been active during the 1st and 2nd phase of the Odd-Even policy of Delhi Government to reduce pollution, asking people to follow the rules and engaging them with the rising concerns of the environmental degradation. They’ve held a workshop on Crime Against Women and Girls, and have been avid participants at inter and intra college events.