Procedure Followed in Decision Making Process.

Manual : 8
Procedure Followed in Decision Making Process.
Decisions in matters of organizing admissions, sports, extra-curricular activities, preparation of college time table, allocation of extra-curricular work of teachers not involving payment of renumeration and laying guidelines for purchase of Library books and lab. equipment are taken by the Staff Council, subject to the provisions of the Act, Statutes and Ordinances of the University. The decisions regarding institution, suspension or abolition of teaching and non-teaching posts is taken by the Governing Body. The college functions under the general supervision and control of the Governing Body.
STAFF COUNCIL COMMITTEES 2009-2010 and 2010-11 (29 Committees)
1 Academic Development Committee
2 Admission Committee
3 Canteen Committee
4 Cultural Committee
5 College Complaints Committee Ord.Xv(D)
6 Discipline Committee
7 Examination Committee
8 Fee Concession And Students’ Aid
9 Gardening Committee
10 Grievance Redressal Committee
11 Internal Assessment & Moderation Committee
12 Lakshyank
13 Magazine Committee
14 Medical Committee
15 Prize Committee
16 Prospectus Committee
17 Purchase Committee
18 Planning & Proposals Committee
19 Placement Committee
20 Refreshment Committee
21 Sports Committee
22 Scholarship Committee
23 Spic – Macay
24 Students’ UnionAdvisory Committee
25 Time-Table Committee
26 NSS
27 Vivekananda & Gandhian Studies Committee
28 WDC
29 Website Maintenance Committee