Administrative Wing


विवेकानन्द महाविद्यालय


(दिल्ली विश्वविद्यालय)

Office of the Principal
 S . No
Name of Employee  Designation 
1 Mrs. Ruchika Arora Sr. P.A. to Principal & Officiating Administrative Officer (Accounts)
 S . No
Name of Employee  Designation 
1 Administrative Officer (Admn.) (Contract)
2 Mrs. Nisha  Amar Section Officer (Administration)
3 Mrs. Archana Assistant
4 Mrs. Priyanka Assistant (Contract)
5 Mr. Javed Siddiqui Junior Assistant
6 Mrs. Nisha Devi Chauhan Junior Assistant
7 Mr. Sharvan Kumar Daftri & Offg. JACT
8 Mr. Naresh Kumar Daftri & Offg. JACT
9 Mr. Ashok Kumar Panchal Office Attendant
10 Mr. Bhupinder Kumar Office Attendant
11 Mr. R.S. Negi Office Attendant & Offg. JACT
12 Mr. Braj Kishore Office Attendant
13 Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sharma Office Attendant
14 Mr. Bahadur Singh Bora Office Attendant
15 Mr. Aberan Singh Chowkidar
16 Mr. Manoj Kumar Manjhi Chowkidar
17 Mr. Ram Charit Mali
18 Mr. Praduman Mali
19 Mr. Mangal Das Mali
20 Mr. Raj Pal Safai Karamchari
21 Mr. Aakash Mehra Safai Karamchari
 S . No
Name of Employee  Designation 
1 Mrs. Anuradha Arora Senior Assistant & Officiating Section Officer
2 Mrs. Vijay Bala Assistant & Officiating Senior Assistant
3 Jr. Assistant (Contract)
4 Junior Assistant (Contract)
5 Mrs. Usha Rani Office Attendant
6 Mr. Rama Kant Office Attendant
Lab Staff/ Medical
S . No
Name of Employee  Designation 
1 Mr. Abhishek Sharma Sr. Technical Assistant (Computer Lab/ Contract)
2 Dr. Sanjeev Kaushik Lab. Assistant ( Applied Psychology Dept.)
3 Mr. Suresh Kumar Lab. Assistant (Food Technology Dept.)
4 Mr. Deepak Thakur Lab. Attendant (Applied Psychology Dept.)
5 Mr. Praveen Katariya Lab. Attendant (Food Technology Dept.)
6 Mr. Sumit Kumar Lab Attendant (Computer Lab/Contract)
7 Mr. Udayveer Singh Lab Attendant (Computer Lab/Contract)
8 Ms. Anuradha Nurse (Medical Room) Contract
Tabla Accompanist
 S . No
Name of Employee  Designation 
1 Mr. Mujeeb Hilal Khan Tabla Accompanist
Library Staff
S . No
Name of Employee  Designation 
1 Mrs. Rajni Jindal Librarian
2 Mrs. Veena Sharma Professional Assistant & Offg. Librarian
3 Professional Assistant (Contract)
4 Mrs. Rajni Sabharwal Semi Prof. Assistant
5 Mr. Chander Bhushan Dubey Library Attendant & Offg. Library Assistant
6 Mr. Yogender Kumar Library Attendant
7 Mr. Chander Pal Singh Library Attendant
8 Mr. Sudhir Gidh Library Attendant
9 Mrs. Rekha Library Attendant (Contract)
S . No
Name of Employee  Designation 
1 Dr. Hina Nandrajog Appellate Authority & Officiating Principal
2 Mrs. Vinay Trehan Public Information Officer (PIO)
(Department of Mathematics)
3 Mr. Javed Siddiqui Assistant Public Information Officer (APIO)