Alumni Club


The Alumni Committee was formed to strengthen the bond between alumni and the college, which includes developing an active network of alumni across countries. The committee has been working on creating an alumni directory and facilitate the formation of an alumni association.

In doing so, the alumni tab has been set up on the college website, which has a registration form on which the former students may enter information that is required.

The alumni committee also has a Facebook group called Vivekananda College Alumni that has more than 300 alumni along with faculty members who are part of the alumni committee. The Facebook group is used to update the alumni about all the activities undertaken by the alumni committee. Apart from the Facebook group, a WhatsApp group called Alumni Association Planning Group has been formed, which has alumni, current students, and faculty who are members of the Alumni Committee as members of the group. The group is involved in planning future activities and creating of the Alumni Association.

To have interactions of alumni and teachers, the alumni committee has so far organized an alumni meet on two separate occasions – one on January 11, 2015 and one recently on January 15, 2017. On both the occasions, the alumni meet involved current students performing cultural programs for the alumni, the alumni sharing their experiences, and various fun games involving alumni and faculty members. The alumni are also regular contributors to college magazine, Isha.

The Alumni Committee is highly motivated to facilitate a strong, healthy association between the alumni, teachers, and current students. In the future the Alumni Committee is hoping to have the former students be an integral part of the college activities such as placements, seminars/workshops, guest lectures, and career guidance for the current students in college. In the future there is also a plan to have an alumni magazine.


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